Krassport: under-stand-art

A piano trio without a piano alpha dog.

Freedom instead of tradition.

Communication instead of jazz gymnastics.

Among the countless piano trios in this world, there are only few bands, who really let on about enjoying experiments with this seemingly antediluvian formation.
The musicians of "Krassport" obviously enjoy experimenting a lot, and that's of course due to their musical course of action also. With their program "under-stand-art" (as well as on the corresponding CD), they exclusively work with standards of the Great American Songbook, though in a radically deconstructing way. The trio dissembles the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic structures in such a disrespecting, but nonetheless loving way, you're not even surprised to find influences of 20th century classical music in their pieces.


Krassport - under-stand-art

"one of the most beautiful releases in recent time" - F.A.Z

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